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Hi everyone!

We had a great week in Year One!

First up we completed our work on Cats Ahoy! We now have a great display showing all the amazing work our Year One children have done! Call in and see it when you can!


In Year One this week, we looked at Time. We learned about O’clock, Quarter to and Quarter past and half past! This is a tough topic and well done to our children for their resilience and great attitude to learning!

Here are some of the clocks that the children made to help aid their learning!


In the KS1 curriculum we must look at the countries that make up the United Kingdom. This week we looked at Scotland and Wales! The children completed fact-files on both countries and then attempted to make symbols associated with these countries! Take a look at the dragons and Loch Ness monsters that they made!



We also continued our Topic weather. We used our hand-prints to make a Rainbow!



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Hello everyone,

Last week saw us return from half term break well rested and ready for a fun week.

This week our Year One class got to visit the Life Education Bus. There we met Harold the Giraffe and he helped us learn all sorts of things including:

  • How important sleep is for our bodies.
  • The kinds of foods we should be eating.

Here are some pictures of the trip!


On Thursday we all gathered for an assembly in Miss Mitchell’s class. This to learn about the NSPCC’s Pants campaign. We learned about how to keep ourselves safe. If you would like more information about this campaign, please visit the NSPCC’s website.


Friday was another fun filled day! We celebrated the Queen’s birthday and had a picnic! We discussed Britain and things that are important to the country, these are called British values. We even had a lovely afternoon of making crowns to wear! If you have time please call in the classroom and see all the great pictures in our floor book!

Friday was also DT day (Design and Technology). Our learning objectives for this day were to use a range of resources and materials to make a variety of products and learn new skills. On DT day we:

  • Drew around templates
  • Cut with scissors
  • Learn to roll card
  • Used a hole puncher
  • Used split pins
  • Covered things with other materials
  • Worked with glue and cellotape
  • Used straws to make a product.

We had lots of fun and even made our own carriages! We have a wonderful display showing all the fun activities, please call in and have a look!

  • The Year One Team



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This week has seen some amazing pieces of homework from our Year One children. This time our children were tasked with making something inspired by the recent visit of the Baby Chicks!

This task allowed the children to experiment using a variety of materials to make products and to use drawing and other methods to share their ideas, experiences and imagination!

Here are pictures of some of the great work our children have brought in.

Well done everyone!

Homework 3 (1) Homework 3 (2) Homework

Bog Babies in Year One!22-05-2016 | 13:07:07 | No Comments


In Year One we have been reading ‘The Bog Baby’ by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward.

If you haven’t thought about where a Bog Baby comes from or what they are then its time you begun!

Both classes were visited by a two Bog Babies this week and they got up to all sorts of mischief!

We learned about Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Rhyming Words, Retelling a story and even described our very own forest!

Well done to both classes for working so hard!

IMG_20160516_152649161 IMG_20160516_152706980 IMG_20160516_152722668_HDR IMG_20160516_152819515_HDR IMG_20160516_152844490

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1NR and 1LM had great fun getting involved in the Literacy Challenge.

For this challenge the class were asked to design masks that were inspired by a character from a book.

Check out the results below!

IMG_20160516_152325067[1] IMG_20160516_152329896[1] IMG_20160516_152334641[1] IMG_20160516_152338733[1]


Year One visited by the Baby Chicks!22-05-2016 | 12:54:36 | No Comments

1NR and 1LM were very lucky to be visited by the Baby Chicks last week!

We spent time learning about how to care for Baby Chicks, what they need to survive and even wrote our own Big Chick Adventures! We used to our imaginations to write stories about the Baby Chicks and all the crazy things they could get up to. One even had a Top Hat and a Moustache!


baby chick 1 baby chick 2 baby chick 3 baby chick 4

Hello everyone!19-05-2016 | 14:58:07 | 1 Comment

Last week our classes were looking at Hinduism. One important aspect of Hinduism is the use of Diwa/Diya lamps during prayer and on special occasions. After looking at the beliefs of Hinduism, including Karma and reincarnation, the Year One classes made their very own Diwa lamps!

Have a look at some of their work below!



We also enjoyed learning about salt dough and seeing all the amazing things we can make with it!

  • The Year One Team


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